Sunday, May 23, 2010


Ryan Gosling in Band of Outsiders

I haven't been shopping in three months and this image of Ryan Gosling heading to Cannes for the premiere of his new movie, "Blue Valentine", makes me think two things: my first purchases should be a new cardigan and a new pair of black slim cut jeans. I've been wanting the Band of Outsiders cardigan he's wearing since I saw it at Odin a couple months back. It's so simple and yet so stylish. I also need a pair of black slim cut jeans after I destroyed my Shipley & Halmos pair while playing kickball in January (long story). Can't it be Christmas in May and someone just give me these things?

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iKing said...

I have a few cardigans in my closet and I used to like them until I realized they're very feminizing for men to wear. Kind of like a man showing cleavage that's not there. Also the only guys that can pull them off must be built up in the chest, or it's very blouse like.

Personally not a skinny jean wearer either, but I'm fine with the style, it's hip. Side note: I live in San Francisco were skinny jeans are very common.