Sunday, May 16, 2010

everybody in khakis

Rag & Bone
Blade II Chino, $265

Save Khaki
Classic Chino, $110

Vintage Wash Chino, $60

There was a period in my life where I almost exclusively wore nothing but khakis. I had every shade imaginable from Gap and J. Crew. But then suddenly one day, I decide NO MORE. I wish I could be that strict when it goes to stuff that's actually bad for me (alcohol, fast food, crushes from a far), but like any old habit, the desire to wear a khaki pant has come back. I wear jeans every day of my life and I like the comfort, ease, and practically that denim provides. They can be worn with literally almost anything to look super casual or super dressy and that universal quality is key to how I think about what to wear on a daily basis. Khakis, on the other hand, can be difficult because they can look too utilitarian or too Soccer Dad. The length is so important as well as the fit through the leg. I want something slim, but not ultra-skinny and with a little weight, but not linen or super light. Something with a stain resistant would be nice. I own two pairs of stain resistant khaki shorts from Gap that look like the day I bought them almost five years ago and I couldn't treasure them more. The search is officially on. Next thing you know, I might make a return to sweatpants. Or not.


Tony said...

I'll be goddamned if I didn't buy those Topman Chinos two weeks ago.
First khaki purchase in more than two years. They were a hit and I want more.

w. said...

i kind of hate that place. it's SOOOOOOOOO trendy and the music is SOOOOOOOOO loud, but damn if i don't find those khakis desirable.

Tony said...

Yeah I'd never been before that weekend, but I'll probably go back. Both it and H&M get a little too slick European for me, but there are good pieces at both for CHEAP.

eric said...

you may want to check out j.crew. i just bought a pair of khakis from there and the fit and length and weight are oddly perfect. they're exactly what i didn't even know i was asking for.